Thursday, May 12, 2016


I know we have been here 5 months now and still haven't tried crawfish, well until this week.

A co-worker brought some to Buddy at work on Monday morning, leftovers from the weekend, cold boiled crawfish. Buddy was shown the proper way to push and pull and pinch to get the goods outta the shell. And he tried them and liked them!

So yesterday he went to the recommended crawfish shack down the road from the job to get 5# of boiled crawfish with accompanying taters and corn. But they took care of him and he came home with 8# pounds of regular size and 3# of large.

I had to get over the fact that they really did look like giant bugs, all those legs and antennae, but I too tried and liked them… okay.

That is what we had for supper last night. Very messy - a lot of work for a little meat. Actually too much work for what you get. The taste was good, kinda like shrimp.

 So we have been there, done that, check it off the list. Now we just need a golf cart to cruise around the campground and we will be almost local.

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