Friday, April 8, 2016

quilt turning

behind the scenes wedding prep - getting the quilts out - siblings Sue and Buddy

a very quilty theme emerges - new quilts

old quilts

quilts to sit on

quilts to cover up stuff

When planning their wedding, Heidi and Lisa wanted to use quilts for decoration. They asked for permission to use some of mine and came by to see what I had.

In anticipation of them coming by, I laid out all the quilts on a spare bed so they could see them. The one on the bottom was the pink wedding ring - the surprise(!) one that they received as a wedding gift.

As I showed the quilts one by one and told what I knew of each one's history, I did not realize that I was doing an old fashioned quilt turning, or bed turning:

"A bed turning is a form of informal performance in a comfortable setting where storytellers stack quilts on a large bed and then peel back the layers, as they peel back the layers of time. Everyone gathers around to enjoy the "turning": hearing the stories behind the quilts, the quilt-makers, and the intricate handiwork stitched into them."

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