Friday, February 19, 2016

farming in Louisiana

Apparently crawfish like to live in flooded rice fields - traps set out in a line, waiting on the farmer to come along in his shallow boat to gather the harvest.

These fields are along all the roadsides here, in every direction. We were not sure what they were at first, so of course Googled it and watched a YouTube video :)

The farmer sets the speed of the boat very slow, picks up a trap, empties it into the boat, puts it back in the water, by then he is at the next trap.

Here in Eunice is the Riceland Crawfish Company where you can get the traps and where you bring in your haul of crawfish to be processed. They also process meat from local alligator farms.

I have yet to see a crawfish or alligator here, but will keep you posted!

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