Monday, February 1, 2016

Cajun Camping

The beautiful campground we picked to live in, here in Eunice, LA - tall pine trees cover the 42 acres which includes a lake and swimming hole. Since we have been here, there were maybe a dozen or so other campers scattered out over the park, very quiet.

But that all changed starting Friday noon. We had been warned ahead of time by the office, the park was already booked to capacity for the weekend and more, and the usual 'quiet time' of 10 p.m. would not be enforced during the extended Mardi Gras season.

The 95 campsites were indeed all full to overflowing, most with camper, a truck, a car, LOTS of people, and a trailer which held the golf cart. Yes, everyone has a golf cart here which this weekend was used partially for the kids parade float, but apparently is a necessity for camping, used to 'cruise' the campground with tunes blaring from the oversized speakers on said vehicle.

Everyone started arriving Friday and the sense of excitement rose as the day progressed. Kids were riding bikes and playing on the playground, shooting hoops, it was fun to walk around and watch the excitement - yes we were the only ones on foot, dodging carts :). We were surrounded by huge family/friend gatherings with giant grills full of food and giant coolers full of beer, all in a background booming base beat. After we turned in on Friday night we could hear all the words and sing along with a collection of Alabama tunes, all was good, at least we liked the music, and it got quiet before 10.

An interesting observation - I saw no phones, let me repeat NO phones being held or looked at by kids or adults, these folks were really here for the experience of "camping", very refreshing. 

The kids Mardi Gras parade was great, all kids dressed up in costumes and throwing beads to the crowd of parents and observers along the parade route. They were on golf carts, hay-filled wagons, little red wagons, bikes, and scooters. Then there was the chicken run, an old time Mardi Gras tradition, very fun to watch.

By Saturday night the partying really got wound up, folks were very drunk and vocal, kids were running wild, and the music was cranked up. We had to be the bad guys and run off some screaming kids who were playing hide and seek around our camper - our camper was rockin' but not by us - they were bumping into it and piling up beer cans on the picnic table.

All-in-all it was an exciting weekend, just gearing up for the 'real' Mardi Gras 4-day weekend coming up. A whole new experience for us, discovering a new meaning for "camping" out. 

Camping is an elective outdoor recreational activity… participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. Wikipedia

So I guess it is all in interpretation. Sorry, these old folks don't party and our definition of camping is a national park or state park where the sounds are only of a nearby creek or river, or a crackling campfire. 

What do you look for in a campground?


motherkitty said...

I don't camp. All I look for is a Hilton, Marriott, comfort inn, even a holiday inn or best western, with all the amenities. Just call me an old fashioned spoiled kind of gal. And, it has to have a nice pool and bubbling spa to ease aching elderly muscles. A four star restaurant wouldn't be bad either. You can get the country out of a girl but you can never get the big city out of a country girl. Just sayin', y'all.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, really, no phones. Hmmm. It's nice to know some folks can walk away from technology long enough to teach their children about having some fun. A parade just for the kids, what a wonderful idea.

Joann said...

If I waited to travel, until I had money for the Hilton, I would never get to go anywhere. I have to say kids on golf carts is not my favorite. Golf carts are electric. They don't make much noise. Kids like to drive them fast and WAY to many parents oblige them by removing the governor. Hearing impaired folk are therefor very anxious about non-defensive driving children doung 35 mph on dirt. In my ecperience the are sometimes the bold thieves. Lost a precious iPad that way. I am sure not all kiddie golfcarters are thieves, but at least some sre.

Teresa Soroka said...

Camped every summer growing up, usually in the Smokies/Cherokee. Once and ONLY once atop Mt. Mitchell. Winds and rain with thunder and lightning so bad we thought we were going to be blown off. Left the pop-up and Scrambled into the back of our station wagon. Scary!! We loved lots of trees, creeks to bathe in and mountains to hike and explore. A restroom with showers was an added amenity. Electricity was rare but great since I loved to blow dry my hair. Go figure!! We'd say bye to our pants after breakfast and they wouldn't see us again til dark. That would never happen now. My husband had never been camping when I suggested that as a vacay option. He agreed and came home With a 35' RV with stove, refrigerator, microwave, TV, bathroom with shower and separate bedroom with queen size bed. I said "I thought we were going camping?" He size "this is camping!" Hahahahahahahahaha. He must have had a boring childhood! After he cooked our first breakfast of eggs and bacon on the outdoor charcoal grill in freezing weather, he was hooked. Great times, great memories!!