Friday, February 5, 2016

5 day holiday weekend

Well it is finally here, the much-anticipated Mardi Gras. It is officially on Fat Tuesday (February 9th this year), but the festivities start today and go for 5 days. This morning the TV weatherman gave the forecast for the Holiday Weekend. 

Schools are our for 5 days, Friday - Wednesday, calling it Mardi Gras/Spring Break on the calendar, with another 8 days off at Easter.

Also Mardi Gras is officially a Louisiana State Holiday, so no work will be done on Tuesday, but in reality it will be a 5 day party.

Here at our home away from home, Lakeview Park, reservations have been made for months:

February 5-9 / Mardi Gras - 8th Annual Boucherie (5 night minimum)

The weekend schedule here at the campground (pictured above) includes live music by real Cajun bands, 6 bands in all over the 5 day period, Cajun dance lessons, and of course the Boucherie - an old fashioned hog slaughtering. 

The ladies at the office: "It's going to be wild!" 

Me: "Wilder than last weekend?"

"Oh yes, and longer - it lasts for 5 days!"

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Do share pictures, especially of the costumes. Do the quilt shops sell fabric to commemorate the event?