Sunday, January 10, 2016

wedding planning

Twelve Stone Farm, the site of an upcoming family wedding, the view is awesome as usual.

The reception hall is full of hay... for now

The chapel is unique, a focal point atop the hill.

A new bath house is in the works and will be ready in time... hopefully!

The tasting at the caterers went great - look on Lisa's face = OMG this is awesome :) 
fried chicken, mac and cheese, veggies, and my new favorite - cornbread salad!

This was a fun outing, two grown ladies getting married, 
one excited about the big wedding, one not so...

Love the stories, first meeting with wedding coordinator: What are your colors? 
Blank look - we have to have colors?

What are you wearing? I don't know yet but definitely a bow-tie, 
here let me show you a picture on Pinterest. 
But I was going to wear a bow tie! Maybe one of us can wear a bow-tie and the other wear suspenders. 
Oooh maybe a vest, I like vests, like Ellen wears. 
Yes, I can see you as an Ellen, but you - let's see, maybe a Diane Keaton look?

What about bouquets? 
Do we have to have bouquets? 
Well would you rather have a boutonniere? 
Or how about some flowers in your hair? 

I think it was around this time Lisa picked up her butter knife and tried to stab herself in the throat - just kill me now...

and about the time that Heidi said, uh we will get back to you on this :)

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