Monday, December 28, 2015


Happy 70th anniversary!

My parents met while they were both stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia after WWII. He was a mechanic and she was a parachute rigger. They were married on December 28, 1945, beginning a whirlwind adventure of travel the likes of which neither one of them could have imagined. They lived in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, Germany, and Japan. The only place he went without her was Korea - twice.

After WWII my dad was sent to Japan during the Occupation. According to one of my mother's stories, a giant troop ship was converted for dependent use and hundreds of women and children were shipped to Japan to live with their GI husbands. The ship sailed from New York, through the Panama Canal, and ended up in Japan, over a month long. I do remember her saying she thought it would never end. She said all the babies were sick and crying the whole way, and she thought if she could ever get off that ship, she never wanted to see or hear another baby (but of course she did - my brother, John was born in Japan!)

While in Germany, they traveled around Europe and (according to the home movies) we went camping in the Alps, went to the Octoberfest in Germany, rode on a gondola in Venice, saw windmills and acres of tulips in Holland, and saw lots of castles and churches and beautiful countryside.

They retired the first time in 1964 after he had 23 years in the Army, moving here to the north Georgia mountains. After 20 years they moved again to sunny Florida for the rest of their years together.

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Joann said...

Gasp, my MIL and two year old exhusband might have been on that ship! Betty used to tell stories of that trip, and how awful it was! It was the first group of dependents allowed into occupied Japan. She volunteered at the hospital, because by then, wounded from Korea would be transported to the hospital for stabilation before being sent back to the US. All the homes were to hire local help to help the local economy. Her maid was Mitichico. While she had stories, I don't think it was a plumb place to be as a conquered country, and most food coming from the PX (lots of Spam and SOS) because all the local meat went to starving Japanese, and produce came from fields fertilized with human waste. Wow, that is an incredible councidence. I bet it was the same ship! They never left from NYC again because the length of the trip, and all those diapers that had to be washed, and bottles refrigerated...made it too much of a logistics nightmare. After that ship, people had to get to LA and depart from there---a much shorter voyage!