Saturday, October 31, 2015


Fan Pride yarn at Hobby Lobby - comes in all sorts of color combinations

you don't even have to be a sports fan, maybe you just want a scarf with stripes

this is a self-striping yarn - striping like makes color stripes - not stripping like the bad girl in school under the bleachers…

so it makes its own stripes without having to join the colors, no yarn ends to weave in at the end, in fact there are no yarn ends to weave in at all making this scarf

this one takes 2 skeins, and these are joined together using the magic knot, no ends there

and when finishing, there will be yarn ends from the cast on and cast off, but those go right into the fringe, so voila! no ends to weave in

this is the Mistake Rib pattern - width is multiple of 4 (-1) - figure out how wide you want your scarf and cast on using multiple of 4 (-1) - this scarf is 39 stitches wide, then k2 p2 to the end of row, note there will just be p1 at the end of each row, repeat until length of scarf, add fringe

a good rule - length of scarf = height of person

this pattern is a good no-brainer for travel or for watching TV, because you don't have to look at the instructions

I love working with circular needles even though it is not a circular project, no lost needles in the couch cushions or down between the car seat and console, compact and great for travel

I got this set of Denise interchangeable knitting needles years ago and love them, all the sizes you need in one handy travel box, airplane safe. 

so if you are a sports fan and want a team-color scarf, this is your yarn, or if you just want a striped yarn, this works up great

Hobby Lobby $3.49, and don't forget to use your coupon!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Now that's a pretty scarf. I see you're thinking ahead to xmas or perhaps just winter.