Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the Holy City of the Wichitas

Nestled in the Wichita Mountains you will find this Holy City built out of native stone. The area looks much like Israel during Biblical times, and is the site of the nation's longest running Easter passion play, "The Prince of Peace." Attendance reached an all-time high in 1939 when 225,000 visitors filled Audience Hill for the sunrise performance. 

The Holy City of the Wichitas started as an Easter Passion Play in the Wichita mountains in 1926. 

Each year the Passion Play expanded its cast and worshipers. In 1930, it attracted 6,000 people. By 1931, the congregation has swelled to 15,000 with 150 cast members, and by 1934, 40,000 worshipers came. 

Because of the event's popularity, it received a grant of $94,000 from federal funds. The first buildings were completed by the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA).

A radio broadcast of the pageant took place in 1936, during which a telegram from President Franklin D. Roosevelt was read. That year 2,000 cast members came from 65 cities and towns, and there was a congregation of 100,000. 

Thousands of tourists have come each year to see the city and the chapel, where various types of chapel services are held, including weddings.

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