Monday, September 14, 2015

in search of ... mountains

In search of … mountains

We watch the weekly local show "Discover Oklahoma" to find places to visit, and this week the show was about the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, so off we went.

A couple of hours southwest of us, the flatlands gradually got hilly and by the time we were in the park the roads actually got curvy and steep!  Woohoo! just like home, well sort of, lots of rocks instead of trees, but at least an elevation change.

We saw the free-roaming buffalo and longhorn steers grazing on the prairie grass in the distance, and some prairie dogs by the roadside. 

Mount Scott is the highest point in the park at 2,465' - named for General Winfield Scott, yes just like Lake Winfield Scott near home in north Georgia. We drove up to the top on the road carved out of the mountain by the WPA in 1940. Great views all around.

Just outside the park boundary to the north was a line of wind turbines that literally went as far as we could see, fading off into the distance, see below:

A very nice break, you can't beat mountains for a nice change in perspective :) 

We saw lots more at this 59,000 acre preserve, stay tuned...

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