Monday, August 31, 2015

Oklahoma quilts

Caddo Quilt by Meg Callahan

On a recent trip back home to Georgia for a few weeks, I visited with friends and family. One lunch visit was with lifetime friend, Wilma. We caught up on everything and then the topic of quilting came up. I told her about the box of quilt tops found last year in the old home place, three unfinished double-wedding ring tops, and told her my ideas for them. Wilma said that making quilts is a dying art, it will end with our generation, no one wants to learn the old ways anymore.

I remembered reading about this recently, so when I got back to Oklahoma, I found on my desk where I had saved it, an article in the Oklahoma Gazette, "Functional fashion - Quilting is making a comeback as an American pastime."

The story was about Meg Callahan, local Oklahoma artist, daughter of an architect and painter, who studied graphic design in furniture making, then…

"I tried quilting mainly as an experiment and fell in love with it."

M. Callahan Studio is her quilt design business, her designs are inspired by her home state of Oklahoma, like the "epic sky."

Dye Quilt Black by Meg Callahan

Meg designs and makes quilts now, she creates a design on a computer and then brings it to life with fabric. These are not your grandmother's quilts.

Check out the award winning quilts by Meg Callahan. They are beautiful when photographed in nature, but you can really see the design of the quilts in the photos on her web-site, like this one:

Osanna Quilt by Meg Callahan

~photos and story used with permission of artist M Callahan Studio

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