Wednesday, August 19, 2015

knitting bloopers

Prayer shawl almost done knitting, then time to add the fringe.

But wait, what is this? It ended up way bigger at one end… the end I started on. It looks like I started out really big and then kind of found my stride about 12" in…

Something needs to be done, it cannot stay like this.

If I had someone to ask, they might say LMGTFY, so I just did it myself, hey GOOGLE?

I found this website and learned way more than I wanted to know, about frogging and reverse frogging...what? But I did glean the info that I needed:

Option 1 - unravel the knitting from the beginning which is virtually impossible, every stitch turns into a knot. Option 2 - cut the yarn/stitches at the point needed, catch the stitches one by one onto a needle, then ravel the rest of the yarn out from the cut point.

After you get the stitches, you can either bind them off for a clean edge, and then take the raveled out yarn to the other end and add to the shawl there (since I am not finished with that end yet). OR, after you get the stitches on the needle, you can take the raveled out yarn and start adding it back on right there, only you will be going the wrong way than before and it might show up as being different. I will try it and see…

Ok can you see the line about the midway of the picture? It looks like I purled when I should have knitted... but since all the rows are knit... anyway, it is just the result of going the wrong way. I think it looks fine and is hard to see unless you are looking for it.

fringed and done!


Gypsy Quilter said...

This looks very complicated; however, I'm glad you were able to straighten it out. Very nice color combo.

Paula, the quilter said...

That's a good save!