Friday, July 24, 2015

sew proud

Madison is headed to Alabama for college in a few weeks. The last one to leave the nest, her mom is dealing with it as best as she can, keeping very busy gathering everything needed to send her baby off. 

Back in April, Melissa sent me this picture of a pillow on Etsy, with this message:

Whacha think? BAMA......Georgia?

Cost way too much!

I took this to really mean - Mom check out this pillow, it costs too much to buy but I bet you could make one, right?

I was wrong.

I started sending her ideas for fabrics and asked about size, etc., when she gently let me down and said that SHE wanted to make it for Madison. Ah, I understand.

A little background here, Melissa does not sew. Or knit. Or crochet. She has done some cross-stitch in the distant past. But then if you know Melissa, if she decides she wants to do something, she will do it and do it well.

So she waited until Madison was away from home for a few days and started in. I got this e-mail with subject line Pillow stage 1:

Followed a few minutes later with this:

Glad I used heat bond lite....alabama is backwards. Oops

All stitches done by hand… with love. Sew proud.

Near-empty-nest tendencies - Melissa sewing - who knew! 


Gypsy Quilter said...

What a cute idea. Good job Melissa!

Linda J said...

Hooray for Melissa, taking this on. You must be bursting your buttons about this. Maybe once the nest is emptied she may share more of your interests, if there is time in her busy mama's schedule.

I thought Maddie was going to Tuscaloosa? It is down lower if that is the case. I may have misunderstood which campus.

And she is right---too pricey on etsy. She did a great job!