Thursday, July 16, 2015


Truck hit and run - it is only 8 months old, 10,000 miles…

So the job site is 14 acres, the subs and their minions are all over it like ants. They drive to the port-a-potty which is next to the office. Buddy is sitting in his office trailer when he hears a crash outside the window - where his truck is parked. He runs out and sees that his truck has been hit and the other vehicle is high-tailing it out of there - he starts hollering along with several other folks, the man stops and gets out. Buddy had a few choice words for him and asked him for his license and insurance, he has neither. The fellow then starts running off the job, never to be seen again.

The police are called, but tell Buddy that they do not come out or write up report on private property.

The fellow's boss, a subcontractor installing the CNG equipment, tells Buddy not to worry, he will pay to get his bumper fixed.

It looks at first like it is just the front bumper that got creased when backed into. Upon further investigation, the transmission cooler located behind the bumper is also creased, and when starting the engine, transmission fluid pumps out onto the ground.

The local Chevy dealer brings a wrecker and hauls the truck to their shop. The estimate came in today… $2396 plus a rental car.

Our insurance company said to let them know if the other party does not pay, then they will cover it.

Poor new truck, poor Buddy, a very bad day. I tried to cheer him up, told him it could be worse, but he was feeling pretty low last night.

I am sure that driving my car today with the granma stickers on the back window will certainly brighten his mood :)

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Awww man, what a bummer. Condolences to Buddy.