Thursday, May 7, 2015

stormy weather

Well yesterday was exciting. This is a picture of our campground at 5:43 p.m. 

No storms here, just a little windy, no rain at all. We are in Guthrie, about 35 miles north of Oklahoma City.

Watching the television coverage of the tornadoes in Oklahoma City. 12 to 15 tornadoes touched down, massive flooding. 

During the continuous storm coverage - Breaking News - Local animal park Tiger Safari was hit, animals on the loose, everyone stay inside. Locals went to social media claiming #tigernado :)

The local news stations have storm chasers on staff, literally out chasing the tornadoes to get the best pictures/videos. One reporter's video showed the storm up ahead through his windshield wipers, then oops trees coming down, he puts it in reverse and backs out, all the time keeping the camera rolling out front. 

My favorite local weather person is Emily Sutton, featured in May's issue of Popular Mechanics for her storm chasing coverage alongside the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore. 

Just another day here in paradise!

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