Friday, May 15, 2015

drought management

Breaking News - Central OK is out of the drought with a huge improvement in western OK! Look at the comparison with last week (and 2 months ago)! Wow!!! ~Emily Sutton KFOR-TV 

Buddy is going into another line of work. Drought Management. His work here in Oklahoma is done, the drought is over, the lakes are full. No longer do you have to pray for rain or seed the clouds, just Call Buddy. Seriously, he is at your service. 

For the right price Buddy will travel to your state and the rain will follow. Historically, upon arrival at any new job site the rain will start slowly, but when the grading begins and the footings are dug, the deluge begins. 

Oklahoma, you are welcome. His work here is over, now on to dryer states...

California, waiting for your call. 

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