Wednesday, April 8, 2015

vacation 2015 - Dollywood

Vacation 2015

Days 2 and 4 at Dollywood

Vacation means R&R for most folks, for us it means rain and rollercoasters. We tried out the newest coasters at Dollywood, the Wild Eagle and the Firechaser. And of course the old favorite Thunderhead. On Monday it was cloudy and rainy, the park was not too crowded. But on Wednesday the sun was out and we soon discovered that it was Spring Break and half the country decided to go to Dollywood.

We have not been in many years, and kept seeing new things and missing old ones. The shop that used to make buggies is gone, now a pottery shop. The ropes course is gone to make way for a new roller coaster. The big round fountain that was in the middle is gone, more picnic tables. And of course before the fountain there was a stage there where Carrie clogged way back when.

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