Tuesday, March 17, 2015

quilt binding how to

Quilt binding - how do You do it? By hand or machine?

I recently read a blog post by my friend Linda on how she hates to do quilt bindings on the machine but recently had to do just that to fulfill the requirements for a project. Since I have made so many t-shirt quilts, I started sewing the quilt bindings on the machine for durability, and really love doing it that way. So I thought I would share how I do it, in case anyone out there needs some ideas.

First of all let me thank Vicki at sew inspired blog for her excellent step-by-step quilt binding tutorial that I have printed out and have used for many years. I follow all of her steps up until the sewing by hand part. 

sew binding to RIGHT side of quilt

fold over and pin in the ditch

look on the BACK side to check pin position 
and make sure it covers the seam you just sewed

stitch in the ditch from the RIGHT side

Voila! the BACK side  -
and if I had used matching thread it would be invisible!

It is a matter of personal preference of course. Some folks enjoy the quiet hand sewing portion of the project, maybe while sitting watching television.

But I like to just get it done!

How do you bind your quilts? 

~embroidered pincushion part of the Anniversary Quilt 1987, a multimedia project including patchwork, applique, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, fabric paint.

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