Friday, January 16, 2015


Key West sunrise
my office view in 2011

I love my job

Well, there are some things I like about my job…

the morning commute - from the bedroom to the office in fuzzyhouse socks
the view - it often changes!
the flexible hours - want a nap? no problem
the work clothes - pjs, sweats, no shoes

the interesting things the doctor says…

he had a bruise the size of a silver dollar - what is a silver dollar?

a lump in the 3 o'clock position - where is that on a digital clock?

the patient has been on this medication for just a hair over 2 weeks

send a carbon copy to … brings to mind the blue carbon paper we used to put in between two sheets of typing paper before rolling it into the typewriter…

and I love the little hourglass symbol on the computer…

I texted Dr. Pain about this patient - seriously? privacy laws and texting?

My favorite, the doc says - copy from the last note, change this one word, yada yada everything else stays the same.

Does your job make you smile? Do you love your job? If not, I saw this ad in this week's paper:

The best part - it is Friday!

home office
my home office

~note: not actual patient or doctor quotes :)

1 comment:

Linda J said...

Pretty backdrop and gotta love the computer wall paper too.

I used to help type up dictation for one of my podiatric bosses when surgery (my real job) got slack. Too bad he didn't do that yada, yada thing, LOL. Jack of all trades, that was me for 12 yrs of my life.