Friday, December 26, 2014

only heaven knows

vintage T-square quilt

It was after Thanksgiving, I received an e-mail from Melissa - telling me she thought of something she wanted for Christmas (I had been bugging her to come up with something), only it is for next Christmas:

I would like a new tree skirt either bought or made (like a present for next year). Something large, quilted, country looking.

I thought, okay that will be a fun project next year - make tree skirts. I have never had a tree skirt, never really wanted one, I just used a quilt. I looked down at my tree with the old quilt underneath, the red and green T-square.

That was the light bulb moment

She wants something large, quilted, country looking, voila! A vintage family quilt in red and green, large, quilted, country looking, and a family heirloom to hand down, several birds with one stone, right? But what about Carrie? (Got to keep things even you know) But that is not a problem because there is another vintage family quilt in red and green hanging on the quilt stand. And I have heard Carrie say before that she likes that quilt a lot. Wow, things are coming together now. A big present under the tree this year for each of the girls.

vintage eight point star quilt

Next I decided the quilts needed labels. A quilt also needs a name, right, so I looked up and found both quilts in the BlockBase. The official names are Four T Square and Eight Pointed Star. So I christened them Christmas T Square and Christmas Stars.

Next for the labels - what to put on a label when you don't know who made it? I tried several ideas, and this is what I came up with:

Christmas Stars
family heirloom - maker unknown
Tidwell Family Quilt

I printed labels using the computer onto fabric, it is kind of faded out, which looks old, so it will do.

quilt label

I decided to sew the labels onto the front of the quilts - I Googled it and it is okay :)

Next a little card for the gift box, more of an explanation of what I had in mind:

Then I found some big red boxes at Wal-Mart that had stored wrapping paper, piled up to discard...

I told Buddy that I don't think the recipients have as much fun with this stuff as I do :) 

The woman who works with her HANDS only is a laborer.
The woman who works with her HANDS and head is a craftswoman.
The woman who works with her HANDS, her head, and her heart is an artist.

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