Monday, December 1, 2014

new wheels

no more minivan!

Melissa has had a Momentous Year!

She graduated college with honors this summer. Now she has a real job working with Microsoft - her head is in The Cloud.

Her kids have been moving out one by one, the nest is almost empty. The dining room table only sits 3 now. The grocery bill is dwindling.

The baby is graduating high school, looking at colleges, has her own car, and no longer needs the mom taxi to haul her around, which brings us to the biggest life changing event of the year - selling the minivan.

What? Not the minivan! The single-most identifying icon of a busy mom. Melissa and her minivan have taught almost all of the kids to drive. The minivan has been carrying kids (and dog) around for years, to soccer, football, cross-country, drama, chorus, orthodontics, girl scouts, piano lessons, summer camp, concerts, church youth, band, softball, homecoming, SAT tests, robotics, to the ER, to photo shoots, through drive-through windows, shopping for prom dresses, on camping trips, and lastly to tour colleges.

Of course over the years there has been more than one minivan. 

There was the blue one that landed upside down.

And the red one that was rear-ended.

Now it is time to retire the Mom icon, the Mom taxi, this outdated mode of transportation, out with the old and in with the new. New life, new job, new wheels. A professional woman now, with kids and soccer in her rear-view mirror.

But how will Melissa handle it? Will she go through withdrawals? Will she long for 7 seats and a big cargo area? Time will tell.

Madison said, "But how will you move me to college?"

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