Thursday, November 13, 2014

be prepared to stop

On the first day we arrived in Rapid City on the 4th of July we saw a sign warning of Bighorn Sheep - Be Prepared to Stop! 

The sign is right at the turnoff for the campground. We looked and looked but never saw any. 

Finally I asked Monty in the office about the sign. He said the sheep stay up in the high peaks all summer, but at the first cold snap they come down to the valley looking for food. He said they would stand in the road and congregate and sleep over in the Catholic Church parking lot across the street.

Well, since I left Rapid City while it was still warm, I didn't get to see any bighorn sheep. But Buddy found some yesterday after work near the campground! 

There are also a lot of Canadian geese looking for the Canyon Lake that has been drained, maybe also looking for warmth, but they may have to fly a little farther south.

Bighorn Sheep, check!

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