Tuesday, October 21, 2014

borrowed time

moving day

fall camping!

Buddy keeps saying we are on borrowed time, as far as the weather goes that is. The weather is unseasonably warm and dry, an excellent thing for building a job or living in a camper.

This weekend we moved to a new campsite, one of the four in the campground that is winterized (water connection is protected). 

neighborhood construction

As we were moving in and getting set up, we watched the neighbors working on their camper, adding an underpinning of plywood and Styrofoam board. So that started the wheels to turning, Buddy starting surfing for ideas on how to winterize a camper. He is eyeing some materials at the job that he might can use. 

Just a short walk away, the lake next door is slowly draining for spillway repair. The geese and ducks are vying for space on the dwindling water surface.

The cottonwood trees are spectacular! I would like to take some home to plant, I wonder if they would live in our neck of the woods?  

For now, the yellow leaves are falling outside my office window. The sky is blue and the breeze is warm. But we all know what is coming and we are all living on borrowed time...


Gypsy Quilter said...

Is that fiberboard or plywood under the camper? If it's fiberboard I sure hope it doesn't get wet. You're sure getting some lovely color.

Paula, the quilter said...

Cottonwoods need lots of water. When the wagon trains traveled across the prairie they could always find a stream because of the cottonwoods. The older variety sets a seed that looks like cotton - hence cottonwood. In the spring, it sometimes looks like snow because the cotton is blowing so heavily.