Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday Gulch Trail

view from the Sunday Gulch trail looking up at a rock climber, with Harney Peak in the distance

the 3-mile Sunday Gulch trail started out mild

walking through tall grass and trying not to think about what might be living there

but it soon got into the rocks and waterfalls area

folks passing us said just wait until you get to the rails and cliffs

not sure what they meant, but we were soon to find out, pulling up using upper body strength as feet were on the wet rocks below


and rails

beautiful scenery

grandpa took a selfie!

In Custer State Park, hike on the trail around the Sylvan Lake until you get behind the dam, find the trailhead for the Sunday Gulch trail. Described as the most scenic and most popular hiking trail in the park, it was 3 very long miles with lots of climbing and beautiful waterfalls, rocks, vistas. 

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