Tuesday, July 8, 2014

from a distance

Sylvan Lake

Sunday drive through Custer State Park, curvy mountain roads, scenic views, rock formations, and some awesome landmarks in the distance. Beautiful Sylvan Lake is at 6145' elevation, a jewel reflecting the rocks and sky.

Mount Coolidge Lookout

Climbed to the top of Mount Coolidge at 6023' elevation… well drove up there in the truck :).  The stone fire tower was built by the CCC in the late 1930s, the view is 360°. From a distance you can see Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, the Needles rock formations, even the Badlands on a clear day. Sure, while we are here we will get up close and personal with these local attractions, but on this clear day it was awesome to just look around and see all of this grandeur from a distance.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Mount Rushmore

From our viewing point atop Mount Coolidge, we also saw another rock fire tower, one located on Harney Peak, which we have seen from several different locations driving through the park. 

Harney Peak fire tower

Harney Peak from a distance

We actually thought we were going to this tower we had seen from a distance, but when we got to the Mount Coolidge Lookout we realized it was not the same one. Harney Peak is still on the ToDo list, there is no road there, only a hiking trail.

From a distance, there is harmony
And it echoes through the land
It's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace
It's the voice of every man
~Julie Gold songwriter

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