Friday, July 4, 2014

do over

Metropolis, IN

out the window in Iowa? Nebraska? South Dakota... all looks the same

important sites to see along the way

So we were supposed to be at home for a few more months, but things change. Once again the boss is paying for a road trip to South Dakota, this time not a 5 week sabbatical but a 6 month JOB. This time the trip took less planning - 6 months last time vs. 1 week this time. A little less excitement - not a vacation but a job, and we are a little concerned about the winter and snow.

It was a challenge to find a place to stay in the vacation destination of Rapid City, at the last minute, on the 4th of July weekend...

If we couldn't find a place to stay, they have these nice tee-pee skeletons at the rest stops, a blue tarp and some bungee cords should do it.

But we found a campground and after traveling for 3 days are here for the duration. The job is in Box Elder, a new truck stop! Right here in the Black Hills, home of Mount Rushmore and lots more. Can't wait to play tourist again!

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Linda J said...

Good to know that you are finally at your destination though parts of this are big unknowns, with your job spanning the winter months. Right now it seems so far off but it comes early in the north, in some spots especially.

Didn't think about your having a hard time finding a spot to stay because of the holiday weekend.