Thursday, June 26, 2014

rainy day playlist

the thunder rolls
as morning has broken
here in the beach house
watching Pandora pong
back and forth on the tv
a modern day mixed tape

listening to a playlist
based on our favorite artist
thank god he's a country boy
I wonder what John thinks
of sharing air time with the rocket man
and piano man and sweet baby James

lyrics that were written back
when songs told stories
maybe he is smiling down
along with Croce and Harrison
glad that their tunes
are still alive and well

morning has broken
as the thunder rolls
listening to snippets of old songs
makes me smile
and sad at the same time
some good ones gone too soon

if only I could save time in a bottle
or sail through the changin' ocean tides
or feel the sunshine on my shoulders

look! here comes the sun

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