Monday, March 24, 2014

senior advice

went to lunch with my OLDer sister-in-laws (? sisters-in-law), today is the OLDest one's birthday (Kay Curbow is 72!). These two OLDer ladies ordered first, receiving the SENIOR discount, then the server gave me the senior discount by association - GEESH!

These ladies are always entertaining and have a wealth of experience to share with us younger folks, like…

Always take your coupons

Always ask for the senior discount

And my favorite - advice on greeting cards - from my sister-in-law Sue some random person… "I have a whole collection of greeting cards - birthday, anniversary, valentines, every special occasion I just pull a card out of my stash and give it to my husband Alan, he admires it and thanks me and lays it aside - after a few days I pick it up and put it back into the stash for next year. I make sure not to put any dates or ages, he doesn't remember, I have been doing that for years!" ladies - let's keep this one a secret!

senior mail

Son-in-law Keith walks in and sees our mail on the kitchen counter 
and says to Buddy, "Didn't you used to get Playboy?"

and last but not least - we watched Last Vegas over the weekend, 
it was pretty good! (for a bunch of senior citizens)

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Linda J said...

too funny! Didn't you used to get playboy?