Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympic patchwork

Watching the Olympics, I see flashes of patchwork here and there.  Is it just me? Do I see patchwork everywhere I look? I first noticed it on snowboarders' jackets, they look like big warm quilts.

A quick internet search confirmed that they were actually designed based on a patchwork quilt. "The designer turned to America’s heritage for inspiration. And nothing represents Americana more than handcrafted patchwork quilts and the American flag, which are both at the heart of the 2014 uniform."

After a long hunt, Burton designers found the perfect vintage quilt at an antique fair. Then, they brought it home to Vermont where it was deconstructed and re-constructed by a veteran Vermont quilt maker in order to get it ready to replicate onto the outerwear fabrics. The end result is that the quilt pattern on the jackets looks like it was hand-stitched with patchwork squares – just like the original. And an exact duplicate of the vintage American flag is proudly featured on the jacket’s sleeve.

Wait, there it is again, the colorful flags flying at the Olympic site look like little squares of different fabric. A quick internet search confirmed that this, too, is definitely patchwork, designed on purpose to look like a quilt.

Sochi games’ press release: "The Olympic patchwork quilt will be the official Look of Russia’s first Winter Games."

The goal was to represent a diverse range of emotions and feelings, connecting concepts like Motherland, Family, Culture, Time, Olympism, Peace, Nobility, Friends, Memory, Honour, Dreams, Beauty, Freedom, Pride, Warmth, Happiness, Greatness, Reliability, Victory, Creativity, Hospitality, Creation, Future, Russia, Planet Earth.

We had a wealth of choices to represent Russia’s rich diversity, but in the end we settled on something familiar, warm and welcoming: the patchwork quilt.

How cool is that! Nothing goes with cold and snow like a warm patchwork quilt. Way to go Olympic designers!


Charmie B. said...

So cool!
This time a different design is used, not the usual thing but a unique one.
More power to all designers!
Thanks for posting! :)

Janet Copenhaver said...

Love it!

Institute for Internet Safety said...

C-O-O-L!!! It surely caught my eye - what an interesting fashion style. NICE ONE!