Thursday, January 2, 2014

good intentions

a day late and a dollar short

so it is Jan 2nd and I am talking about new years resolutions, just one day late, but to be clear, I jotted some of these down over the last few days

and a dollar short - just finished a tally of income/expenses for the last year, whoa very enlightening - to see that we spent that much money - to see that I worked all year for that pittance amount - maybe enlightening is not the right word…

but back to the resolutions/ideas of things to do better this year/and excuses why they probably won't get done

lets face it, how many new years resolutions get accomplished, honestly?

lose weight, save money, you know how it goes, everyone has ideas posted on blogs and facebook etc., this time of year, so here are my thoughts

less clutter - more space 
less chair - more trail 
less coffee - more water
less junk - more fruit 
less surfing - more doing 
less sitting – more standing 
less standing – more walking
less solitaire - more social
less good intentions - more just do it
less hoarding - more giving
less facebook - more talking
less carpet - more beach
less work - more play
less texts - more hugs

change the view from looking out to being out
photograph something awesome
climb a mountain
create something beautiful and give it away
teach a craft
write a story

stop and smell the roses (but wait I can't grow roses), or stop and gaze at the mountaintops in the distance or watch the water flow in the stream or feel the soft pine straw underfoot on a trail or listen to the wind in the trees

as usual when making a list of resolutions, so many ideas flow out, only to be too many to accomplish and overwhelming, so just pick one or two, or if you like to make lists/organize then put them in order and start at the top, but you gotta try, if all of these ideas came out of your mind/subconscious then deep down these are things you really want to do, right? I know, day-to-day it is all about working and chores and repetitive menial tasks that will get in the way of your resolutions/ideas/dreams

so at this crossroad of old and new years, take a step back and look at the big picture, think about a year from now, will you be writing down these same wishes once again because you didn't accomplish any of them this year?

go ahead, pick one and just do it

you will be glad you did

and check back next year so you can cross it off the list

and have fun, isn't that why they say Happy New Year!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

How about, make a quilt?