Tuesday, January 21, 2014

all in a day's work

Guess what buddy did the other day?

He climbed down into the storm water retention system to take some pictures… why what were you thinking?

StormTech subsurface stormwater management, the science and engineering of what to do with all that rain water… you can't have it just run off onto the neighbor's property or into the street, the Mud Cops would have you locked up!

Buddy is so lucky, he gets to play/work outside in the beautiful sunshine, making buildings out of giant erector set steel. It never rains and there are no delays for mud or ice or snow.

The subcontractors are always on time and bring everything they need to do their jobs, they can all read blueprints and always finish up by the scheduled deadline.

The other day one foreman pulled out his set of blueprints (impressive as they don't usually have any) and was looking at the concrete pad, looking back at the prints… he told Buddy the concrete pad was wrong, it was supposed to have a cutout on this side. Buddy walked over and turned the prints a quarter turn, and said, "There you go, it's right now!"

The architect and civil engineers always produce accurate drawings so everything is perfectly clear and there will be no questions. 

The subcontractors all work well together, helping each other out and sharing. They never cry or whine about anything.  Buddy has boxes of tissues and baby pacifiers for the criers… and a 'take a number' machine under the Complaint Department sign by the construction trailer door. Not really, but he has threatened do to so.

Oh, and shhhh that is not a construction job trailer, it is just a storage box (with a desk inside). Because the city requires a construction trailer to have landscaping consisting of holly trees planted on all 4 sides every 2 feet so the neighborhood won't look trashy…

But he apparently loves his job, because that is what he says every morning as he is leaving out at 5:30 a.m. in the dark and cold. I love my job - I love my job - I love my job!


Linda J said...

Wow, I didn't dream that is what they used under there. The steel frame does remind me of playing with my dad's old erector set with my brothers when I was a kid. Actually I think that has helped me along with sewing to understand how things go together, build on other elements.

It is supposed to be getting super cold again so I feel for anyone that has to be outside working in that especially in cold muddy water. I love my job, I love my job.........

nursebarb said...

that first picture is very cool! I had to laugh when he turned the blue print so it was correct! I thought that only happened in the movies.......