Wednesday, October 30, 2013


SPSU Pumpkin Launch Extravaganza
Hallowed Grounds of the Soaring Squash
Thursday October 24, 2013

The Ramrod crew under the direction of Keith, I mean Kyle, delivered the pumpkin launcher to the launching area and did some final assembly and tweaking.

Theirs was the only launcher that was painted, decorated black and red and dubbed the Widowmaker. They even had custom painted pumpkins from local design shop Southern Customs (unlike other teams with raw wood or metal devices and plain old orange pumpkins)!

The launch went off as planned, going even farther than the test shots here at our house - 15 meters or almost 50 feet! The distance was pretty much average for the day, with some other pumpkins that did not launch at all, and one going 115 meters.

The project is still in process, with reports and calculations to be presented, so Buddy, I mean Kyle, is still waiting to see what his final grade will be.

This was a real lesson in teamwork and it was very interesting and entertaining to watch the team in action, the geek with the calculations, the lazy city kid that didn't know the meaning of work, the enterprising grandson who knows where to go for supplies and tools. And in addition to the official college team, the father with cross-bow experience and knowledge, the mom and sister who painted the team name virtually last minute, and last but not least the grandpa with a lot of construction know-how and a shop full of tools and supplies.

For now, we have a crossbow pumpkin launcher in the woods, delegated with other projects and acquisitions, just another memory to rust in the leaves.

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Evidently I went to the wrong college. Young fellas weren't nearly as handsome as this smart group. Perhaps you could sell the launcher on E-bay. No doubt there's a physics high school class that could learn a few things from it.