Tuesday, September 24, 2013

way over the hill

On Sunday at our house we celebrated a milestone, Buddy's 60th birthday! Wow, the birthdays are coming faster each year. 

 Thanks to our own ├╝ber party planner Melissa for all the good stuff, like

vintage stuff from the 50s: slinky, barrel of monkeys, skateboard, matchbox cars, playdoh, Yahtzee, Frisbee, Pez

and things that Buddy used to have like a wind up wooden airplane and a model of his red dune buggy

and practical things like Just For Men, Grecian Formula, Depends

and his very own customized Life Alert 

his longstanding minion status is now official, thanks to this personalized card from Carrie

lots of birthday wishes and cards and even special birthday mail from one of his favorite campgrounds:

I was sent to Elberton, Georgia to build a bank, so I went online to find a campground. I found one close by that sounded great, was by a river, quiet, I was about to call them when I read a little further {men preferred, clothing optional}. I still get kidded about that by the folks at the office.

the elusive tutu picture was represented by this one, not Buddy, but we got to hear the story…

Two mama used to sew for people, that is what she did. She was making a tutu for this little girl and she needed someone to try it on. I happened to be about the right size and she convinced me, but of course Daddy was right there to snap my picture. That picture is hidden away and only I know where it is!

A great time, food and drinks and cake and decorations and family! 

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Gypsy Quilter said...

How wonderful to celebrate such a milestone with lots of friends and family. I'm especially glad he made it after the ladder sliding from the roof incident!