Tuesday, July 2, 2013

river rats

Ocoee River

The water releases from the dam upriver just for the rafters, the sirens and the loudspeakers blare warnings as the white water fills the river gorge. A sight to see and hear beginning a beautiful day on the river.

The brave rafters in our family!

How many takes to get a group shot? They thought I was waiting on them, but it was too funny and this isn't even all of the takes. Kyle you are tall,get in back. Sarah: My eyes were closed. Keith and bunny ears. Ahh, family, love 'em!

~photo album HERE


its not so simple said...

Lively and nice

Linda J said...

the photo arranging is almost better than the actual finished shot but of course, those with the eyes closed, standing in the wrong spot aren't the ones that get framed on the mantle, LOL. Or do they?