Wednesday, July 3, 2013

job insecurity

Voice recognition jumps up a notch thanks to Apple. I hope the doctors I transcribe for don't fall for this fad!

So now instead of texting you can just speak your message and Siri will put it into text words and send it. I wonder if Siri reads back incoming texts?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could SPEAK into a device and the other person could speak back and instead of reading texts or hearing Siri's voice you could actually hear your friend's voice, with all the inflections, and when they actually Laughed Out Loud you could HEAR it instead of seeing/reading the familiar LOL, that would be so cool!

Hey, I think there is something out there like that, it is called a PHONE and it was invented in the 1800s, and I think you can actually use your handheld electronic texting device for this awesome purpose!

E-mail is a good way to NOT interact directly with people you want to communicate with. Texting is a step closer to that interaction, with instant replies. Anything to avoid actually talking to that person, heaven forbid calling them on the phone that is already in your hand, the one you are texting on.  

I can see that sometimes texting would be more appropriate than a phone call, like if you are in a class at school, or at work, or in church, or at a boring wedding, or in the library… it is discrete and no one can listen in. So yes, texting has its place, but if you have the time and opportunity, call that person up on the phone old school and TALK!

Speaking of texts, on our recent trip to the Ocoee river I was eavesdropping on this text between Carrie and Melissa, love it!

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