Thursday, December 27, 2012


The e-reader is the best thing since sliced bread, specifically the Kindle.  I have enjoyed owning a Kindle for two years now and love it.  If I could change anything about it, probably it would first get a light, then maybe do something about the keyboard… voila!  Kindle Paperwhite - backlit and touch screen!

I don't want my e-reader to surf the net or watch movies, just read books, that's all I need.  The kindle I received 2 years ago was perfect for that.  But the upgrade to Kindle Paperwhite is even more perfect!

The new Kindle still has my favorite features from the old model - like the dictionary and ability to bookmark and highlight text and take notes.  In addition to the new light and touch screen, it also has some other new tricks that I have not tried yet, like when you start to read a book, Kindle Paperwhite learns your reading speed and calculates how much time to the end of the book and current chapter (and tells you on the lower left margin).  And the X-ray feature - X-Ray lets you explore the “bones of a book.” Tap X-Ray to see all passages from the book that mention the idea, person, or topic you're interested in. 

All the books that are on my 'old' Kindle are in my account on Amazon and can be downloaded with just a click to my new Kindle.

Thanks to Amazon for your great inventions and thanks to Santa for my new Kindle!


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I like your new Kindle, but what happens to the book notes you added on the old Kindle? It isn't enough that Amazon will give you another copy of books you've read, if your notes are lost. Or maybe that's not a big problem for you. Maybe I save too much. Or maybe there's a way to save your notes -- or print them out?

Linda J said...

This looks really different over here! I miss the scenic picture across the top, LOL.

Enjoy your new Kindle!