Monday, December 10, 2012

the granny square

The crochet granny square is as popular and versatile as the log cabin quilting pattern.  

The granny square pattern first appeared in print in 1897, published by the Weldon Company of London, billed as a way to use up yarn scraps.

The granny square pattern had a peak in the 1970s, with crochet vests etc., possibly from the hippie generation.  Hey, I remember that!  High school, crochet vests, mini skirts…

Here is a modified granny square turned into a stocking for a Christmas ornament, hanging on my tree.  It is about 4-1/2" tall, enough to fill with small candy.  It is also good for a gift tag/decoration.

I was thinking this was so easy, I will share the directions, and instead of jotting them down, I found some online.  The written instructions actually look a little complicated, but anyone who has ever made a granny square will be able to make one of these ornaments in no time.

So drag out your yarn scraps (or go buy one of those multicolored skeins of Christmas yarn so you won't have to change colors) and whip up a few, it really is easy!

Granny Square stocking ornament instructions HERE


Paula, the quilter said...

Ah, the ubiquitous Granny Square. I've made more than one or two. *smile* In fact, I still have the pages from and older Women's Day magazine with the patterns for ponchos, vests, foot stools and even a skirt. I enjoy making them, but I just don't like sewing them together.

Linda J said...

I would be with Paula on the not liking to sew it together deal, LOL.

How clever to use one on the tree!