Tuesday, November 6, 2012

battleground state

Today is Election Day 2012, finally.  There is lots of talk of battleground states, lots of Red and Blue on the map, a country divided, the decision all hinged on key states like Ohio.

But the battleground they are talking about is not real.  At nearby Chickamauga a real battle was fought here between a country divided.  Red and Blue interpretive signs mark the spots where the CSA (red) and US (blue) battles were fought.  Large carved monuments give testament to all the states involved, Ohio is featured on many of them. 

So if you are tired of all the election hoopla, take a stroll through a Civil War Battleground.  The peace and quiet is palpable.  Read the markers, how many died, numbers of men and horses are listed at each site.  Think about the blood that was shed here on this Georgia soil, all fighting for a real cause worth dying for.  In 1863 Georgia was a Battleground State.


JeniceD said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour this morning! It was definitely the right way to start this day.

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