Monday, October 15, 2012


Weekends are the time for me to get my family fix… and this weekend was no different - to hear about the Friday night football game (which this week just happened to be Homecoming), to see the girls all dressed up for the Homecoming dance, to hear about school and boys and stuff, to see Kyle and hear about school and job and girlfriend stuff.

Homecoming week - spirit day - purple! Then Madi had to trade in painted face and track shoes for a more girly look for the dance…

Racheal performed twice last week in Fiddler on the Roof. Saturday night she looked great in her new dress  - but those painted nails will have to go for the next performance of Fiddler, must keep in character!

Kyle is enjoying college and his new job washing dishes at a local restaurant, well maybe not enjoying the washing dishes part, but that is where he met his latest girlfriend. Shelby is her name and she was part of the Homecoming court on Friday night.

Sarah having fun at college - mustache mania contest! She has joined a sorority and is making lots of friends. But we never see her anymore… I guess that means Melissa and Keith did a good job, making her into an independent person, way to go Sarah, enjoy!

Melissa has only two left in high school now, but it seems like she is still running around just as much as ever, mom's taxi is booked solid. One day she was waiting on one of the kids after school and posted this on Facebook:

We read it and everyone had something to say - I figured the kids had all gotten on her nerves and she was being sarcastic, Buddy thought she had finally lost it, Carrie thought someone had hacked into her account and posted this nice comment…. But it is true, they are all good kids and hard working, and we are very proud of them all!

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Melissa Scott said...

Thanks mom! Sorry I didn't get to see you more this past weekend....maybe this weekend :)