Wednesday, October 3, 2012

run for your life

Madison is into running. I don't see the attraction myself, but she really likes it. It is a great individual sport as well as a team participation sport.  (and a good thing for friends to do together!)

In addition to running every day after school on the high school Cross Country team, they participate in regional track meets. Yesterday it was at Fort Mountain State Park. Usually a beautiful mountain setting, it was a cold and rainy day, but the runners didn't mind.

Melissa is the unofficial team photographer - great stop action shot!

Madison has been scouring the listing of all the running events in the area and has talked her parents into signing up for a 5K race on November 4th, to be held at 1:50 a.m.

Anything is Possible 5K
Race forward as time moves back! Anything is Possible 5K run/walks will be held in cities throughout the U.S., all starting at 1:50 am on Sunday morning when Daylight Savings time ends and clocks get turned back. 
Winning with a negative time! Finish before you start! Get free PJ pants instead of a t-shirt! Prizes to first place male and female as usual, but then to best pajamas, best costume and best lights! Fabulous post race food and hot drinks.

Good for you Madison!  She is following the good examples set in her family, Melissa and Keith and Carrie all love to run too.  It is a good thing they don't follow my example (couch potato!).  

follow your dreams
do something you love
finish what you start
go the distance
run for your life!

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