Saturday, September 29, 2012

vacation is over

With the help of our trusty GPS - or in spite of it, we made it home on Friday night.

Vacation is over.

5 weeks
7300 miles
14 National Park sites
2 state parks
15 campgrounds
3500+ pictures (and that is just me)

It is hard to think of getting back into the old grind. But it pays the bills, right?

It is good to be home again, visiting with family, catching up on the latest goings on with everyone.  And Buddy is working a lot closer to home than he has in the past year, so we will be here a lot this fall and winter, a good thing.  I believe in the next week or so there is a track meet and a drama play and an 18th birthday party for a special grandson - 18? how did that happen?   And I need to see my college student granddaughter, I thought she had forgotten us, but just received a text, so sweet, don't you love these newfangled gadgets?

Family ties are precious threads, 

no matter where we roam, 
they draw us close to those we love, 
and pull our hearts toward home. 

picture album HERE
Wild West Road Trip - day 34 
miles today 642/total miles 7315 
HOME, Ellijay, GA 
temp lo 62/hi 78 
elevation 2000

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Linda J said...

Oh home on Friday so definitely home for the game. Lots happening now that you are back! Hooray for Buddy working closer to home too so you can participate in those happenings.