Sunday, September 16, 2012

where the buffalo roam

Yellowstone lower falls

Uncle Tom Trail

where the buffalo roam

Yellowstone upper falls

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

The weather has been wonderful to get out and see this big park. It is almost too big to see it all. No time to just sit around the campsite and relax - actually that is not an option at this campsite. There is enough room to park your camper and one vehicle - that is it. No picnic table, no fire ring, no place to even sit a camp chair. I have been in KOA campgrounds with more room. This is a real disgrace to National Park camping. It is run by an outside concessionaire and is all about the $, how many folks can you cram into a small space for the most amount of $. But we knew it coming in, and were convinced we needed a place with electricity etc., and a place that we could reserve ahead, but it won't happen again. I would rather stay in a Wal-Mart parking lot before here again.

Fishing Bridge RV park - Yellowstone

One of the tour books said if you want to avoid the crowds, take a hike - just being 1 mile off the main road will lose 90% of the people, good advice. Hiking is always a good way to get away from everything.

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Wild West Road Trip - day 22
miles today 82/total miles 4362
Fishing Bridge CG
Yellowstone NP, WY
temp lo 41/hi 64
elevation Yellowstone Falls 6181

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