Monday, September 10, 2012

bear sighting

This was taken from the Old Bridge at the west entrance to Glacier, Flathead River - we went there to see the Old Bridge (pedestrian only now), to take pictures of the structure and view, but after seeing the bear on the riverbank below, this is the only shot we got.

A 2-bear day! We have seen lots of bear warning signs, lots of bear spray for sale ($49.95!), but until now, no bears. Today we saw 2! No grizzlies yet though.

A blustery day, so we decided to do some scenic driving into the park, stopping at the Lake McDonald Lodge (circa 1912).

Lake McDonald at the lodge.

McDonald Creek, love the cedars and glacier blue/green water!

After lunch at the local Glacier Grill, even on vacation life intervenes. So we went our separate ways - me to the laundry and Buddy to nearby town Columbia Falls for 4 new tires for the camper. The camper sits in our yard most of its life and for the last 2 weeks has had 3000 miles on the tires, we are just glad they waited until we were near a town to play out.

While in the laundry I met a nice lady who gave me lots of places to see and stay in upcoming Yellowstone, Tetons, and Utah. You can read reviews and look at pictures and do all the research online, but to get a personal recommendation from someone who has actually been there is always a great help.

campground bear!

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 16
miles today 114/total miles 3482
Mountain Meadows CG
Hungry Horse, MT
temp lo 60/hi 62
elevation 3153 at Lake McDonald

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