Wednesday, August 15, 2012

keep smiling

Man, these kids are growing up too fast around here! Another one starts college, today is Kyle's first day at Southern Polytechnic State University (Southern Tech to us old folks) - dual enrollment for his last year of high school/first year of college. But thankfully he is commuting, so no moving drama for this one - yet! Good luck Kyle on your first day!

Your mom is well on her way to earning the PK status (post kids) - 2 down and 2 to go. I wonder if she has a countdown AP ticking down to when the last one graduates, then she will be outta here!

Kyle you have been a delight in my life ever since I first saw your face in that delivery room - yes the one that scarred your aunt Carrie for life!

You may grow taller than me and start college, but you will still be that little boy in the mirror with the BIG smile!

Keep smiling, Kyle, and you will be just fine. Oh, and you know you can call granma if you ever need anything, right? I got your back!


Aunt Carrie said...

"Keep smiling, Kyle, and you will be just fine." ..... I wonder, is this really for Kyle - or for YOU? ;)

Melissa Scott said...

Well he's only called me twice this morning. :) "I"m early, what should I do?" and "Can you look up wi-fi instructions for campus?"