Tuesday, August 28, 2012

footsteps and critters

From St. Louis we followed in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark on their westward journey - (I really should have finished that book). We ended up in Nebraska City, Nebraska overnight and visited the Lewis & Clark Center at the Missouri River basin. The building was an awesome structure, plus of course all the information inside.

We are anticipating seeing grizzly bears on this trip - well not so much anticipating as a little worried about a close encounter. This week listening to the news we heard of the man killed while photographing a grizzly in Alaska. The last two pictures on his camera were of the bear charging. Be sure to check my camera if I don't make it - maybe there will be some good shots for the news story.

Then while cleaning up mice 'gifts' in the camper I heard about the campers at Yosemite who died from hantavirus from mouse droppings...

and THEN while sitting at the table in the camper downloading pictures this evening, Buddy calmly suggested that I put my feet up onto the seat - of course I had to look and a black snake was making his way toward me - OMG! After a major freak out episode, the trespasser is now gone but not forgotten.

Here is the Missouri River at Nebraska City - can you imagine paddling upstream all the way from St. Louis like Lewis and Clark? And we were bemoaning the long drive, geesh - they just don't make explorers like they used to.

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 3
miles today 429/total miles 1015
Victorian Acres CG
Nebraska City, NE
temp lo 64/hi 92
elevation 1165

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Linda_J said...

I think I read that the photographer was taking pictures at far too close of a range---like there is supposed to be a quarter mile barrier (probably longer) between you and it.
Tragic that it happened but you take risks and sometimes it can cost you.

I think you could have done without the little visitors and the not so little visitors. I hope Buddy made short work of that snake.