Thursday, August 9, 2012

college prep

Scholarships are a wonderful thing.

Three in our family are going to college this fall! Our daughter, Melissa and two of her kids - Sarah and Kyle.

There are a lots of numbers floating around - in addition to tuition and books, things like meal plan, parking permit, a ton of fees, dorm rent, gas, lots to think about and pay for. They say it takes a village to raise a child - but it apparently takes a lot of money to educate one.

When to apply for scholarships? like checking for cancer - do it early and often.

The above super-sized check from Faith, Hope, and Charity is being divided up among local college students, two of which are ours!

Faith, Hope, Charity is a fixture in Ellijay, started many years ago as a mission of the First Methodist Church. It is a recycle (thrift) store, selling only donated items, is operated by volunteers, and they give all money back to the people of the county in various ways, one of which is scholarships.

"Last year we gave out $261,658.12 to agencies and individuals in Gilmer County. Since 2002 we have put $1,400,000 back into our community." - FHC

All this need for money has brought out a need for work, a good thing, and as a grandmother I am guilty of taking advantage of it! Last weekend Kyle cleaned out our little camper from top to bottom and front to back and got rid of any sign of critters! He is a very hard worker. I asked him if he learned about hard work from his boss, he said, "I learned to work hard and do it right the first time and that 'work is work' no matter what the job, even if it is just sweeping the floor."

So if you know an aspiring college student out there - take advantage of this opportunity! Uh, I mean, help them out any way you can, they are our future!

Way to go all of you kids, we are very proud.

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