Sunday, August 26, 2012

on the road - day 1

We left home in the early Sunday morning, driving through the hazy layers of the Blue Ridge mountains. The sun was just peeking over Fort Mountain as we went through Chatsworth. We crossed over the familiar ridge cut and down into Chattanooga. A sigh of relief as we climbed Monteagle and made it down the other side safely. Then miles and miles of interstate through rural Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, the fast pace only broken by the occasional fuel stop and of course the detours and road construction in Nashville.

Our first overnight stop at Red Barn Rendezvous RV Park in Edwardsville, IL, near St. Louis, a nice little campground surrounded on three sides by corn fields. The wind rattled through the dry corn was a nice sound, a farmer's wind chime.

Picture album will be updated as we travel HERE or click picture on side bar.

Wild West Road Trip - day 1
miles today 521
Red Barn Rendevous CG
Edwardsville, IL
temp lo 63/hi 91
elevation 465

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Linda_J said...

DJ's grandson is in his sophomore year at SIU-Edwardsville campus but we are from more central area of IL.

So you did go up in the arch tram, not just toured the museum too!