Friday, August 24, 2012


I received this neat message from my former teacher way back in high school with whom I have kept in touch, Kathy Thompson:

I have a new section on my website,

It's called Showcase and is an opportunity to showcase other writers and you're one of my favorites. May I feature you with the "Where I'm From" poem? I would send readers to your blog for more of your wonderful stories. You are the first writer I have asked (your #1). ~Kathy

My response: Wow, I consider it an honor to be asked! Of course, thanks.

Now Kathy is a real writer, she has done extensive research and written several books on the local area and history, along with stories to magazines and newspapers. Check out her website for some great stories and poems also. I am looking forward to reading her series of articles on black history in the area.

Thanks Kathy for showcasing my blog! Maybe I have been hanging out with the grandkids too much, but the word comes to mind - awesome!

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Linda_J said...

what an honor for you, Susan. Your teacher may have had a lot to do with encouraging your writing talent!