Monday, July 2, 2012

Yoder, KS

Yoder, Kansas - the commercial on Wichita television said come visit the small Amish community, so I did. Following the signs, I almost missed the downtown area, it was all of about half a block, with the hardware store, mercantile, quilt shop, bank, and post office.

The Mercantile has quilts and gifts and lots of tourists milling around. The Amish lady who ran the store drove up on a tractor.

The Carriage Crossing restaurant seemed very popular, the parking lot was filling up fast with cars and tractors and even a horse and buggy.

The folks at Yoder Meats were giving out free samples in front of the restaurant, pretty good!

Yoder, Kansas, a simple little town between Wichita and Hutch - if you have time and are passing by (don't blink you will miss it) - stop in and tell them you saw them on TV, they love it!


Gypsy Quilter said...

What fun. You may want to stock up on the homemade sausage to grill outdoors. It's the BEST!

Linda_J said...

Amish lady driving a tractor? I thought they shunned cars, trucks, etc and farmed with a team rather than use modern conveyances.

Gorgeous quilt!

Janet Copenhaver said...

Heck try this again, my previous comment disappeared.

Coming from Amish country in Pa, I miss these kind of stores. Some Amish in WC, but no real Amish stores.

Great photo's, back east they didn't use to like to be photographed! lol