Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the mighty Mississippi

Traveling U.S. Hwy 60 through Missouri, mostly a 4-lane divided highway, but as it got closer to the big river the road got narrower, warning signs about the big curve ahead...

I rounded the curve and looked up at the huge steel structure ahead, no turning back now. I remember the tractor trailer I had just met a few minutes before on the road, thinking at the time that at least the bridge ahead is big enough for him, thinking now that I am glad I didn't meet him on the bridge.

Eeek! White-knuckle drive, way too narrow, not even enough room to paint the white line on the edge - built in 1929 - 20 feet wide total!

Whew! Finally across but don't relax, more signs, don't miss the curve, and do it all over again - across the Ohio River this time - the two mighty rivers join here.

The confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers - although they flow down the same channel, the two rivers remain separate, the Ohio blue and the Mississippi a muddy brown for several miles.

It was nice to drive on the backroads through rural Kansas and Missouri, but this was a little too narrow for me, the interstate started looking pretty good!

~photos from Bridgehunter.com


Joann said...

Don't go to Boston. All the roads were built in the 1700's are wide enough for horse and buggies. Today's cars and trucks hurtle at amazing speeds, using aggressive driving "skills" to get places at "Back to the Future" speeds. I won't drive there and I will drive most anywhere as long as the place has right-hand driving as their convention. Can't make my brain do UK left side driving.

Linda_J said...

I am a little claustrophobic and that thing would have killed me! I have heard about this one before. Straight is bad enough but curved road on a bridge?? YIKES.